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Children everywhere benefit socially and academically when they learn to act with empathy, communicate clearly, and solve problems effectively. Today, economists often cite such "soft" or non-cognitive skills as the key to a country’s workforce readiness. And our programs help children around the world develop these very skills.

Skills That Matter, Everywhere

Years of extensive research show a positive correlation between social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, which teach these skills, and positive behavior, academic achievement, and healthier life choices.

The 2015 OECD publication The Power of Social and Emotional Skills highlights a nine-country analysis that found there’s a common set of skills that seems to matter across cultures, including self-esteem, self-efficacy, and sociability. These consistently affect outcomes like college completion, job attainment, health, and civic engagement.
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Our Vision

Safe children thriving in a peaceful world

Our Mission

To foster the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development

Real Stories


The Second Step program is the approved social-emotional learning program implemented in elementary schools participating in the São Paulo State Department of Education's Escola Tempo Integral (full-day school) initiative.

Our partner organization, Instituto Vila Educação, is also bringing their version of the program, Programa Compasso Socioemocional, to schools in Rio de Janeiro and beyond. Take a look at all the great work they do and the impact the program has on teachers and students alike.


“I help my classmates.” “I listen to others.” “I resolve conflicts peacefully.” Children’s statements like these motivate our partner Profkreatis Plus, a nonprofit organization in Slovakia, to promote and expand use of the Second Step program, or Druhy Krok, as the adaptation is called in Slovak. More than 150 elementary schools use Druhy Krok, with more than 250 teachers trained and certified to teach the curriculum.

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From schools in Sydney to rural outposts, educators in Australia are integrating SEL into their teaching, and Positive Pieces, our Brisbane-based partner, is there to support them with the Australian Second Step program. Brimming with enthusiasm and positive energy, National Director Jenny Williams has over 20 years of experience working with educators and parents throughout Australia to build and maintain positive well-being practices.

“The Second Step program makes sense and actually helps children, sometimes so much that the children help their parents. One student was witnessing parent quarrels. . . .She was just six years old, but was able to explain to them exactly how to resolve the conflict.”

Director of Profkreatis Plus
Partner in Slovakia

Initiatives in Action

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

In collaboration with the San Luis Potosí State Department of Education, we're conducting a process evaluation of the Second Step program in public preschools and primary schools in San Luis Potosí City, the state capital. Our colleagues at the State Department of Education put together this fun video to show the positive impact the Second Step program is having.

Puerto Rico

Fundación Chana y Samuel Levis (FCSL), a nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico, is engaged in creating and promoting innovative initiatives that encourage transformation in schools and the community. FCSL is conducting a three-year feasibility study of the Second Step curriculum in an extended-hour tutoring program. More than 70 students in six state-run elementary schools in San Juan are participating.

“Adapting ‘Second Step’ was the best decision we made. Not only is it the top social and emotional learning program out there, but also Committee for Children has provided us with all the support we need to successfully implement our pilot version in Brazil.”

Instituto Vila Educação
Partner in Brazil

We Do Our Research

No matter the country, there’s one characteristic everyone wants in a social-emotional learning program: a research base. We’ve got it. We also offer programs for improving school climate and child safety, based on the most current research.

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Partners and Programs


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Partner with Us

We work with publishers and nonprofit organizations to bring culturally adapted versions of our Second Step program to their countries. Join our network and make a difference! We offer international partners curriculum resources (for ages 4 to 12) for translation and cultural adaptation, program development consultation, and training materials and support.

Contact us to support our international initiatives or discuss partnership opportunities.
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