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Copyright and Permissions

Committee for Children frequently receives requests from clients to reproduce or adapt its materials. We welcome such requests and do our best to accommodate clients’ needs.

All Committee for Children materials, including web materials, are protected under copyright law. Written permission from the publisher is required if you wish to reproduce or adapt materials.

Permission is not required to link to any article or page on this website. However, full‑text articles may not be reproduced on any website, newsgroup, or mailing list without explicit permission.

Purchase of curricula entitles an individual teacher to reproduce designated lesson and take‑home materials for classroom use as outlined in the Teacher’s Guides. Beyond‑the‑classroom use of these materials is strictly prohibited without written permission from the publisher.

If you would like to request permission to reproduce or adapt materials, please download the PDF, fill out all required items, and return to clientsupport@cfchildren.org.

You can also call or write the Editor to ask any questions.

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