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Snail and Puppy teach the Second Step program in Japan

No matter our culture or country, or what language we speak, parents, teachers, administrators, and researchers agree: children and society benefit when schools implement social-emotional learning programs. Since the mid-1990s, we have partnered with non-profit organizations and publishers around the globe to produce culturally relevant versions of the Second Step program and teacher training. Children around the world sing songs about empathy, practice problem-solving steps, and learn how to name their feelings with the Second Step program.

Partners and Initiatives Worldwide:

Australia & New Zealand

Localized program:  Second Step

Trainers:  Jenny Williams

Publisher:  Positive Pieces

Partner since:  2014

“I am absolutely delighted to present this comprehensive yet simple-to-use classroom-based program that aligns perfectly with the Australian curriculum.”

–Jenny Williams, Positive Pieces National Director and Trainer


Localized program:  Programa Compasso Socioemocional

Trainers:  Vila Educação

Publisher:  AFG Editora Educacional Group

Partner since:  2014

The Second Step program is the approved social-emotional learning program to be implemented in elementary schools participating in the State Department of Education São Paulo “Escola Tempo Integral” (full-day school) initiative.


Localized program:  Second Step

Publisher:  Committee for Children

Starting in 2015, we will collaborate with the Universidad de Concepción and public schools in Chile’s 8th region on a pilot study of our program.


Localized program:  De første Trin
(Early Learning), Trin for Trin

Trainers & Publisher:  Special-Paedagogisk Forlag (SPF)

Partner since:  1999

Since 1999, children in over 85 percent of Denmark’s elementary schools have learned lessons from the Trin for Trin program, making it the most widely accepted and reputable social-emotional learning program in the country.


Localized program:  Samm-sammult (Early Learning)

Trainers:  Mari-Liis Mugra, Ühing Kuldvõtmeke

Publisher:  Special-Paedagogisk Forlag (SPF)

Partner since:  2013

With a strong focus on supporting and improving kindergarten schools throughout Estonia, the
not-for-profit Ühing Kuldvõtmeke is the in-country distributor of the Estonian version of the Second Step Early Learning program.


Localized program:  Askeleittain

Trainers:  OY AKAT Consulting

Publisher:  Hogrefe Kustannus

Partner since:  2007

“Parents are giving feedback that they can see at home that there is a difference.”

–Arja Sigfrids, Psychologist and Trainer

Askeleittain is used in more than 75% of Finland’s elementary schools.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Localized program:  Faustlos

Trainers:  Heidelberg Prevention Center

Publisher:  Hogrefe Verlag

Partner since:  2002

Children in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland learn social-emotional skills through the Faustlos program, which Dr. Andreas Schick and Dr. Manfred Cierpka adapted. The Ministry of Education of Austria has supported program implementation in over 1,000 elementary schools in that country.


Localized program:  Sekando Suteppu

Trainers & Publisher:  CFC-Japan

Partner since:  2001

Since the school district of the Shinagawa Ward in Tokyo adopted Sekando Suteppu, schools in this district have benefited from reduced absenteeism and aggressive behavior, and have noticed improvements in overall school climate.

Kurdish Language (Iraq)

Localized program:  Hengaw be Hengaw

Publisher:  KOMAK

Partner since:  2009

KOMAK develops and manages education programs that benefit Kurdish children. One such program has been bringing Hengaw be Hengaw, the Kurdish-language, adapted version of the Second Step program, to local schools in northern Iraq.


Localized program:  Antras Zingsnis

Trainers & Publisher:  Children Support Centre

Partner since:  2005

“We chose to develop the Second Step program for Lithuania because there is a real need for social emotional skills. It was very obvious.”

–Zydre Arlauskaite, Psychologist and Trainer

Antras Zingsnis is implemented in over 250 preschools and elementary schools throughout Lithuania.


Localized program:  Second Step

Publisher:  Committee for Children

Public schools in the city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, are participating in a feasibility study of a Spanish-language Second Step program. We are grateful to the State Department of Education of San Luis Potosí for this opportunity to participate in the Safe and Peaceful Schools initiative.


Localized program:  Såmsteg (Early Learning),
Steg for Steg

Trainers:  Prososial

Publisher:  InfoVest Forlag

Partner since:  1998

Since the early 2000s, the Steg for Steg program has been considered the leading social-emotional learning program in Norway, implemented in over 65% of all preschools and elementary schools.


Localized program:  Druhy Krok

Trainers & Publisher:  Profkreatis

Partner since:  2009

“We have observed good results in schools. Uncommunicative children began to integrate into the group and talk about themselves, and hyperactive children have reduced aggression because they are able to soothe themselves.”

–Eva Gajdosova, Psychologist and Trainer


Localized program:  Stegen (Early Learning), StegVis

Trainers:  Gíslason & Löwenborg

Publisher:  Nypon Forlag

Partner since:  2003

“Feelings and problem-solving skills are the same all over the world.”

–Dr. Bjorn Gislason, Psychologist and Trainer

Children in more than 1,300 schools in Sweden learn these universal skills as part of their Stegen and StegVis lessons.


Localized program:  Okul Öncesi 2Adim
(Early Learning), Ikinci Adim

Trainers & Publisher:  Sosyal Medyada İkinci Adım

Partner since:  2011

“If [students] do not have social-emotional skills, they will have difficulties with academics and social problems. When teachers see that children are improving academically and behaviorally, they love [Ikinci Adim].”

–Secil Cuntay, Psychologist and Trainer

United Kingdom

Localized program:  Second Step

Trainers & Publisher:  One Education

Partner since:  2014

We couldn’t be happier to have One Education, a leading provider of specialist pupil and management services, as our distributor in the UK.

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