Welcoming a New Neighbor—Activity

Learning how to welcome new people to the neighborhood is fun and easy with this game for preschoolers and their families.

free activity, social emotional learning, second step

Age 3-5

The first thing children learn in the Second Step Early Learning Program is how to welcome someone new to class as a way to show they care. They learn how to introduce themselves, say something kind, and do something kind. In this game adapted from the Second Step: Social-Emotional Skills for Early Learning Program, you can help your child practice the skill of welcoming someone new.

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Play a game with your child to practice welcoming someone.

Say: We’re going to play a welcoming game. Pretend I am your age and I just moved in next door.

You are meeting me for the first time. How can you welcome me?

Help your child do the following:

• Say hello and tell you his or her name

• Ask if you want to play

• Show you some of his or her toys

Then play with your child to show you feel welcome!


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