Activity—Hello Gratitude: Being Grateful for the Good Things in Life

Mind Yeti: Power Up Your Gratitude

mindfulness, early learning, K-5, social-emotional learning, gratitude

In this free activity, which has been adapted from the free Mind Yeti* session “Hello Gratitude”, you can help students Grades K–5 notice the good things in their lives.


(Optional: Print out this image to share with your class.)

  1. Say: Let’s take a moment to notice the good things in life and say thank you for them. Think about something that brought you happiness this week.
  2. Give examples: Maybe you had a favorite food, or heard a song you love, or had fun playing with a friend. Maybe a dog wagged its tail when it saw you. It can be something simple, like a joke that made you laugh.
  3. Say: For a moment, just remember that happy thing. Notice how you feel when you think about it.
    • Give students 15–30 seconds to think about what they’re thankful for.
      • Now, silently say thank you.
      • Notice how it feels to say thank you. Give students 10–20 seconds with their thoughts.
  4. Say: You can feel gratitude for big things and little things. It’s easy to forget the little things that make us feel happy every day.


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*Mind Yeti is a research-based mindfulness app created by Committee for Children—a leader in social-emotional learning (SEL), bullying prevention, and child protection.