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13 Reasons Why Teachers Are Appreciated

May 9th is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a time to show our thanks to teachers for all they do. In honor of this day and of teachers in general, I asked others about why they value teachers. I interviewed children, parents and grandparents, including Joan Duffell, Executive Director of Committee for Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. Of course, I added in my thoughts too. In total, 13 of us share why we appreciate teachers, and we mean every last word!… Read More

Tools to Keep Kids Safe

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, which always gets parents thinking about how to keep their children safe. All parents face the same concerns when it comes to the safety of their children: who to trust and who not to trust, what they can do … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe with Conversations

Child sexual abuse is prevalent yet silenced.’ These are the words that most stuck with me after listening to an introduction of the play Telling, which unveils stories from adult survivors of sexual abuse. The ‘silence’ part of this is even more jolting given that 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 20 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18, and that it is usually by someone they know.… Read More

Make Motivation Easy

Motivation is a mediator for academic and social success, so what can we do as adults to foster motivation in students? We can provide conditions that facilitate motivation through a strength-based perspective. My colleague often says, “People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole”, which speaks to why we need to support students and not try and “fix” or blame them for not being motivated.… Read More

5 Strategies to Accomplish Your 2017 Goals

It is that time of year again—the time when we start to aim for improvement! There is something about the new year that makes us feel renewed and gets us thinking about change.

I remember the first new year I truly started thinking about my goals. I asked someone who had achieved the success I hoped for someday, what the secret was to realizing my long-term goals. She told me, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

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Embrace Grit Through Social-Emotional Learning and More

In my last blog post I talked about grit and having the passion and perseverance for achieving long-term goals. The first step to building grit is knowing what it looks like, but because grit is partially fostered by experience (see Angela Duckworth’s questions and answers about grit), in this post I also consider the “how to” of building tenacity and perseverance.… Read More