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Prevent Risky Behaviors and Promote Good Decision Making

Who wouldn't want 42 percent less physical aggression and 20 percent less bullying in middle schools? Teaching the Second Step middle school program can result in improvements like these and more. But don't just take our word for it. In this post, blogger Kim Gulbrandson explores the third-party endorsements, research, and approach to the program that make it so effective and worth a look!

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How and Why Social Skills Instruction Fits With Your Strategic Plan

Blogger Kim Gulbrandson posts the second part in a series of three on why SEL is needed and how to incorporate it within strategic plans. To achieve outcomes like “graduate every student,” and “ensure all students are college- and career-ready,” districts must teach students specific skills, give them opportunities to practice those skills, and reinforce through ongoing social-emotional skills instruction. 

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A Closer Look at Strategic Plans: Laying the Foundation for Student Success

After talking with district administrators around the nation and reviewing strategic plans from rural, urban, and suburban districts across 26 states, our blogger Kim Gulbrandson spotted some trends: all plans referenced “student success” as a goal; one-fourth included SEL elements as part of the mission; of those that included SEL, personal responsibility was emphasized; few plans included action steps.

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It’s Here! The Amazing Principal Toolkit

How can you tell if an SEL curriculum is going to be successful? Look at the principal! Our new Second Step Principal Toolkit was developed due to this insight and gives school leaders ready-made resources such as meeting agendas, activities, and handouts for staff orientation, monthly staff kick-off meetings, and weekly staff meetings. Blogger Kim Gulbrandson reviews.

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Expand Your Bullying Prevention Toolkit with Social-Emotional Learning

Every year schools and communities across the country unite in their bullying prevention efforts during the month of October for National Bullying Prevention Month. Does this mean that if you focus on bullying prevention for one month you’re done? Not at all! This month is meant to jump-start continued efforts to prevent bullying. And social-emotional learning can make a great addition to the toolkit that helps you do this.

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Set Yourself Up for Implementation Success

By Kim Gulbrandson

When essential elements of effective implementation are in place, the results can be powerful. Social-emotional learning (SEL) can thrive in environments where stakeholders are committed to sharing responsibility for supporting implementation and where there is shared vision and leadership around social-emotional and academic success for all students. But successful and sustained implementation of any curriculum can be challenging at times…… Read More