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On the Importance of Being Crazy About a Child

“Somebody’s got to be crazy about that kid, and vice versa! But what does ‘crazy’ mean? It means that the adult in question regards this particular child as somehow special—even though objectively the adult may well know that this is not the case… For the child, the adult is also special—someone to whom the child turns most readily in…… Read More

The Accidental Advocate

Allison Schumacher, Committee for Children's PR and Communications Manager, wakes up one morning to realize she has somehow become a bullying prevention advocate. How did this happen, and will she use her power for good? Read on.… Read More


I was one of the bigger kids until sixth grade, and bullying wasn’t much of an issue for me back then. Still, I’d be lying if I pretended that my bully-free existence continued through middle and high school.… Read More