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Learn What to Say and How to Break the Ice When Meeting New People

In this activity meant for kids from elementary through middle school, students practice what to say and how to break the ice as a way of getting to know others when beginning a new friendship. Asking friendly questions of others can be an effecti… Read More

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Activity—Inclusive Communities

Communities come in all shapes and sizes. This lesson teaches students how to share with and be respectful of others.

Members of a community share a common space, needs, and goals, and they cooperate with and are respectful of each other. In communities like the classroom community, it is especially important not to leave others out. This activity… Read More

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Response to Charlottesville: A Call for Empathy and Inclusion from Joan Cole Duffell

A Message from Our Executive Director, Plus Resources for Teachers and Families

The terrible events in Charlottesville and the news stories and conversations of the past week are weighing on our minds here at Committee for Children. Such hatred, violence, and intolerance can only be extinguished by working together now to bui… Read More


Committee for Children and UW Sponsor 7th Annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank

Research Experts Gather in Seattle to Discuss Cyberbullying and What to Do About It

On July 27–28, 2017, Committee for Children and the University of Washington co-hosted the seventh annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank in Seattle, WA. The topic of discussion was “Translational Research in Cyberbullying: What We Know a… Read More

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The Bully Pulpit


Fifteen years ago, few states had explicit legislation aimed to reduce bullying. Today every state in the country has adopted policies to minimize bullying. Overall, 28 percent of students reported being victim… Read More

making a difference

Activity—Making a Difference

Positive reinforcement of good deeds is a simple but effective way to support and encourage treating others with kindness and respect

Acknowledging when someone’s done something positive helps to reinforce that behavior. This activity, meant for upper elementary students, is all about acknowledging and celebrating when kids treat others with kindness and respect.

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