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Internet Safety Tips—Keeping Youth Safe Online

Understand Cyberbullying and How You Can Help Prevent It

We all know that bullying is a problem in schools. But now that many students have their own computers and cell phones and are interacting more and more online, they may be at increased risk of exposure to a new form of harassment: cyber bullying.… Read More

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Learn What to Say and How to Break the Ice When Meeting New People

Level: Grades 3–8

In this activity meant for kids from elementary through middle school, students practice what to say and how to break the ice as a way of getting to know others when beginning a new friendship. Asking friendly questio… Read More

where the wild things are reading guide

Activity—Where the Wild Things Are Reading Guide

A Reading Guide for Parents and Teachers of Kids Ages 3–6

Ages 3-8

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic American book whose story of a frustrated, imaginative boy can help young children recognize and understand their own difficult feelings and how they can feel better. This reading g… Read More