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Want to Implement Both SEL and Restorative Practices? Read This

Examples and Tips to Help You Integrate and Maximize these Programs' Benefits

Are you currently implementing a restorative practices or social-emotional learning (SEL) program and now considering implementing both? Are you already using both restorative practices and an SEL program? If so, are you wondering how to better co… Read More

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Don’t Miss These Connections Between SEL and Trauma-Informed Practice

Why and how SEL is key for ensuring all children are provided universal, trauma-informed supports.

Kids who experience trauma can be silent sufferers. That’s partly because trauma is stored in the nonverbal part of the brain so it’s not something easily identified, talked about, or expressed verbally. It may only show up through behaviors. … Read More

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Exclusionary Discipline in Schools

What State Legislatures Are Doing to Reform School Discipline

At Committee for Children, our Policy and Advocacy team works with lawmakers and stakeholders from around the country to support laws and policies that promote children’s well-being. In this capacity, one of our priorities is to ensure that lawm… Read More

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Listen: Why SEL is Integral to Workforce Preparedness (Podcast)

The Workplace Shift Towards Social-Emotional Skills and What That Means for SEL

Committee for Children’s Senior Policy & Advocacy Manager, Jordan Posamentier, recently sat down with WorkMinus to discuss why social-emotional skills are in high demand and how social-emotional learning (SEL) helps students prepare for work and life. Listen Now… Read More

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SEL Assessment Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

The question we’re often asked is: “How can we tell if the Second Step Program is working?”

The question we’re often asked is: “How can we tell if the Second Step Program is working?” While some assessments can be challenging, time-consuming and costly, it’s quite possible to check whether or not learning goals are being met in much easier, more economical ways.… Read More

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How the Second Step Program Got Its Name

Our #1 Frequently Asked Question Answered

People always ask us, “Why do you call your program ‘Second Step’?” The answer lies in our organization’s history. Our social-emotional learning curriculum, the Second Step Program, is a product of nearly forty years of experience and dedication. Read more. … Read More