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How The New Second Step Program Has Changed Me

Last year, I started by piloting the new edition of the Second Step program in kindergarten classrooms, and ended the school year teaching some fourth- and fifth-grade lessons under the watchful eye of some video cameras.… Read More

Another Lost Childhood

There’s never a good time to tell your loved ones you were a victim of childhood sexual abuse.… Read More

Kinder Kids Do Better in School

April 21, 2011

SEATTLE—Committee for Children is releasing a completely new edition of their Second Step social-skills program, based in part on research that shows that children with better social-emotional skills do better academically. The release includes a specially designed curriculum for early childhood, a brand-new but much anticipated addition to the critically acclaimed program.

Recent…… Read More

Creating Sticky Songs

How do you get concepts to “stick?” It’s one of the most important questions we program developers wrestle with when developing new materials.… Read More

Playing Games, Building Brains!

The game rules are simple. So are the steps. But what Brain Builder games can do for students is quite complex! And since the games are active and fun, students won’t even realize how hard their brains are working.… Read More

Part of the Solution

One day a fourth-grade teacher pulled me aside and told me that she was very concerned about a boy—we’ll call him Johnny—in her classroom.… Read More

Then, Now, and Later

There has been a lot in the news lately about bullying, especially as it relates to GLBTQ kids, and it makes me think of my own past and how I related to those same kids.… Read More

Let’s Make Sure It Gets Better

I have been glued to the recent media attention about bullying and the lives that have been heartbreakingly lost. It is about time we focused some real attention on this issue.… Read More