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New Bullying Prevention Addition to the K–5 Second Step program
Bullying Prevention Unit


The Bullying Prevention Unit
teaches staff and students how to:

Recognize bullying
Respond to bullying
Report bullying


Online Training for All Staff

• Three role-based modules
• Interactive exercises and
  skill practices
• Expert guidance for complying with
  anti-bullying laws

Lessons for Students in K–5

• Media-rich, story-based lessons
• DVD featuring claymation, animation,
  and live action
• Skill practices and Academic
   Integration Activities
• Resources for engaging families


Schoolwide K–5 Bundle
($999 after August)

• Student lessons and staff training for K–5
• One lesson notebook for each grade level
• Unlimited online staff training (principal, counselor, teacher, support staff)
• Principal Leadership Guide to support schoolwide implementation

Individual Grade-Level Lesson Notebooks 
($179 after August)

• One notebook of student lessons (K, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
• Online staff training

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Comprehensive Bullying Prevention Comprehensive Bullying Prevention

  After we do each lesson, my kids come in after the next recess and tell me, ‘I was a bystander. I reported bullying.’ The skills they’ve learned give them power on the playground to make good choices.

Ashley Lefton, Teacher
Midway Elementary
Seattle, WA

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