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Research-based bullying prevention taught in the Second Step program that teachers know and students love.

Set a foundation for social and academic success by teaching the Second Step program. Then build on those fundamentals with the new Bullying Prevention Unit for grades K–5, with training for all school staff and lessons for students.

Why choose the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit?
Tested in schools, research based

Piloted in schools and based on the latest research in the field so teachers can trust they're making the best use of class time

360˚approach to bullying prevention

Adults are trained to work with all students involved in bullying, including bystanders, for an improved school climate

Students can trust
staff response

All staff learn how to effectively recognize and respond to bullying through the online training, an individualized experience that can be completed solo or during an in-service

Lessons with stories by Trudy Ludwig

Stories co-written by a beloved children's author come to life through claymation, animation, and live-action videos designed to help kids recognize, report, and refuse bullying

Lessons extend to
the home

Family materials reinforce the learning beyond the school and teach adult family members to distinguish between peer conflict and bullying

Easy to implement with these great tools:

Principal resources aid development and implementation of school policies and procedures to help prevent bullying

Staff training creates a common language and response building-wide

Student lessons teach kids real-life skills to handle bullying situations

The Three Components of School Bullying Prevention

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“The Bullying Prevention Unit has everything that we want. It’s teaching people to recognize what really is bullying, to respond to it now, and how to report it. Now the district has a perfect plan.”

Nicholas J. Cirulli, Jr., Principal
Louis H. Farrell Elementary
Philadelphia, PA


Call to order the Second Step program for your school: 800-634-4449

Schoolwide Bullying Prevention Unit
K–5 Bundle:
$899 ($999 after August)
  • Student lessons and staff training for K–5
  • One lesson notebook for each grade level
  • Unlimited online staff training (counselor, teacher, support staff)
  • Principal Leadership Guide and training module support schoolwide implementation
Bullying Prevention Unit Kits K–5
Individual Bullying Prevention Unit
Grade-Level Lesson Notebooks:
$159 ($179 after August)
  • One notebook of student lessons (K, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
  • Online staff training
Each grade-level notebook includes:
  • Durable, bound set of five lessons
  • DVD of story-based lessons
  • Activities to reinforce lessons
  • Colorful classroom poster(s)
  • Family materials to connect with parents

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Lesson Samples
Bullying Prevention Unit Lesson Topics
Grades K-3 Grades 4-5

Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to teach.

Each lesson takes approximately 30–45 minutes to teach.

  • Class Rules
  • Recognizing Bullying
  • Reporting Bullying
  • Refusing Bullying
  • Bystander Power
  • Class Rules
  • Recognize, Report, Refuse
  • Bystander Power
  • Bystander Responsibility
  • Bystanders to Cyber Bullying
To see weekly lesson themes and content outline for all grades see more resources below.

Grade 2, Lesson 3: Refusing Bullying shown below

Video Excerpt

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“Relationships are so key in solving bullying issues. Kids have to trust that the adult cares. That’s why it’s so important that every single adult in a building has the strategy and the knowledge to listen to a student and validate what they’re saying.”

Kim Bilanko, Principal
Benjamin Franklin Elementary
Kirkland, WA


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