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*Talking About Touching: Personal Safety for Pre/K–Grade 3

*While supplies last

The Talking About Touching program uses time-honored, developmentally appropriate teaching techniques to help children learn safety skills. These include refusing and reporting unsafe touches but also encompass basic safety skills (such as for cars, bikes, and fire) and the Always Ask First Rule. It’s a great way to talk to young children about sensitive but essential topics.

  • Fully scripted photo-lesson cards
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Family letters
  • What Do I Say Now? DVD
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Teacher-friendly
  • Research-based

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Talking About Touching Pre/K Kit


There are so many children who are not given all the information. It’s surprising where the gaps are. The Talking About Touching program addresses the gaps.

Barbara Fraser,
Second-Grade Teacher
Our Lady of the Lake School
Seattle, Washington

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