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Talking About Touching Grades 1–3 Kit

Each of the three grades has its own set of lessons in the Grades 1–3 kit. Each grade starts with basic safety lessons, such as “Learning Gun Safety—Never Playing with Guns” and “Walking Safety,” then moves on to such topics as “Secrets About Touching—Telling a Grown-Up” and “Learning to Be Assertive—Standing Up for Yourself.”

  • 40 photo-lesson cards (between 3 grades)
  • Sam's Story book and CD
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Family letters and resources
  • What Do I Say Now? DVD
  • 3 safety-steps posters

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Talking About Touching Grades 1-3 Kits


Grade 1–3 Materials

There are so many children who are not given all the information. It’s surprising where the gaps are. The Talking About Touching program addresses the gaps.

Barbara Fraser,
Second-Grade Teacher
Our Lady of the Lake School
Seattle, Washington

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