Find Lifelong Success
with Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Committee for Children’s Second Step Program is instrumental in strengthening the social-emotional skills of kids around the world and helping them reach their full potential. Grounded in extensive research, the evidence-based Second Step Program carries a reputation for results. Each year, 10.6 million elementary and middle school students in the United States learn a common social-emotional language—and educators across the country praise the program’s ease of use and the speed at which they see improvements in the classroom.

Want to learn more about SEL? Download the white paper Self-Regulation: Setting the Course for Success and visit our What is SEL? page.

Looking for research? Our work is grounded in current, comprehensive research, and we are committed to evaluating program outcomes. Visit our research page to learn more.

The Second Step SEL Program

With the help of teachers, counselors, and educators, the Second Step program is building a strong foundation for a new generation of socially and emotionally savvy children. Through the program, Early Learning–Grade 8 students gain the skills and know-how to be kind, caring, and responsible members of society. Today students learn to solve problems on the playground; tomorrow they’ll manage conflicts in the workplace and everyday life.