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Teacher Training and Staff Development in Our Programs

The Second Step and Steps to Respect programs both include training or professional development opportunities for school staff wrapped into the curriculum.

Teacher Training in the Second Step Program

The Second Step early learning program provides a Staff Training Toolkit for program coordinators to train teachers to use the program. The toolkit includes agendas, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations with detailed presentation notes to guide program coordinators in leading staff training sessions.

The Second Step K–5 program provides an individual, online staff training in how to teach the program. Staff members can do the training when it is convenient for them, and administrators can track who has completed it.

The Second Step middle school program provides video modules, handouts, and agendas that can be used to facilitate a staff training in how to use the program. The training can be done in one longer session or broken up into shorter ones. There is also a Teaching the Program video and an All-Staff Overview video to guide staff.

In addition, all grades of the Second Step program include detailed Teaching Guides, implementation checklists, surveys, and other tools to help guide and train teachers in best implementation practices. An observational assessment form is also provided that can be used with every lesson.

Teacher Training in the Steps to Respect Program

The Steps to Respect Schoolwide Implementation Support Kit (SWIS) contains a detailed training manual that administrators can use to train staff in how to handle bullying incidents and how to teach the program. The training manual includes complete scripts, agendas, videos, and handouts to lead an all-staff training, a training in coaching students in bullying situations, a curriculum orientation, and even an overview session for families. The SWIS also includes information and tools to help staff develop policies and implement the program throughout the entire school. The SWIS is sold separately or as part of the compete Steps to Respect program.

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