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Second Step: Social Skills for Early Childhood–Grade 8

It’s never too late to teach the skills kids need to succeed socially and academically. The Second Step program can take students from preschool all the way through middle school. Each grade level features developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. And now we’ve added self-regulation, executive function skills, and Skills for Learning in early learning and K–5 to give kids that extra boost.

  • Based on the latest research
  • Fully scripted, media-rich lessons
  • Academic integration activities
  • Email-ready family materials
  • Online training and resources

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Second Step curriculum


Our district has been using the Second Step program for more than 15 years. We continue to use it because it’s fun, interactive, and easy to use; teachers and students like it; and it’s cost-effective.

Dr. Kim Gulbrandson,
School Psychologist
Milwaukee Public Schools
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Find your New 4th Edition Online Resources at SecondStep.org
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