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What is ParkPals?

With ParkPals, children learn to make responsible choices and be kind as the critter they create moves through a fun, whimsical world. By playing each mini-game, kids master valuable skills that ultimately create a positive social environment. Adults can join the conversation about the real-life situations the critters and players encounter throughout the game.

Parents' Choice Recommended Award

Parents’ Choice Recommended
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Who is ParkPals for?

ParkPals is for kids—and the adults in their life looking for a fun, interactive way to teach kindness and respect. With the game’s challenge-reward model, players ages 7–9 can move through the exciting game world to learn about safety, respect, playing fair, and being kind. The game is also teacher-tested in second, third, and fourth grades.

Safe for children, ParkPals is a single-player game with no interaction between users, does not collect personal data, has no advertising, and has no in-app purchases.

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How to Play

In ParkPals, players begin by creating a critter; will it have long ears and a top hat, or big eyes with sunglasses? Next, kids pick a name, and they’re ready to play. Throughout four mini-games, children train their critter to be kind by playing Fair and Square, Responsibility Response, Respect Detector, and Safety Hop. Players can test their critter’s skills by heading to the game’s park. As they encounter tricky social situations, they earn points for making honorable choices. Each mini-game is 5–10 minutes in length.

Getting Started

To get started and play ParkPals, download the free app to your tablet; you can also download a browser plugin to play online. Next, create a login and begin playing. You can use the same login in the app and browser and can save your game to finish it later. Play ParkPals anywhere you go, all you need is a connected device.

ParkPals Kindness Rules

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