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Second Step Grade 8: Stepping Ahead

Eighth-graders wrap up their middle school years and prepare for high school with lessons about handling grievances and avoiding labels, stereotypes and prejudice, and bullying in dating relationships. Group work, class discussion, and classroom videos help them learn about goal setting and keeping commitments—key factors in substance abuse prevention.

  • 13 media-rich lessons
  • Academic integration activities
  • Handouts, homework, and family letters
  • Engaging videos, games, and skill practice
  • 4 colorful classroom posters
  • Research-based and easy to teach

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Second Step Grade 8 Kit


What I like about the Second Step program is that it helps kids get through their school year without being bullied and find friends and with fitting in and just having a good time in school.

Kevin, Eighth-Grade Student
Burien, Washington

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