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Success Stories

Read about how teachers and administrators successfully integrated the Steps to Respect program into their schools.

Reminding Kids to Recognize, Refuse, and Report Bullying
Tiffany Park and Renton Park Elementary Schools, Renton, WA

Julie Faulkner is a woman with a mission. “I really, truly hate bullying with a passion.” Read more…

Getting Parents Excited About the Program
West Covina Unified School District, CA

Dr. Judith McBride, district consultant, has honed her ability to get buy-in from families and spark their enthusiasm for the Steps to Respect program. Read more...

Office Referrals Down 73 Percent
Sunnyland Elementary School, Bellingham, WA

Dr. Ali knew that Sunnyland Elementary School needed "a program to decrease bullying and aggression schoolwide." Read more...

Upstander Power
Clark Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA

Counselor Brian Dublirer and four of his students tell us how they made the Steps to Respect program live and breathe as an integral part of their school culture. Read more...

Kids and Parents Talk About Bullying
Douglass Valley Elementary School, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

Douglass Valley Elementary School serves the U.S. Air Force Academy and has a highly mobile student body. Read more...

The Whole School Is My Classroom
Barron Park Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA

Committee for Children trainer Steve Plunk writes about Barron Park's Steps to Respect program. Read more...

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