Board of Directors

Composed of leaders from finance, education, research, legal, nonprofit, and business communities, Committee for Children’s board of directors serves as the governing body charged with providing oversight and counsel on matters related to the organization’s mission, vision, strategic plan and financial sustainability. The composition of the board reflects a broad range of expertise, with all members demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social and emotional learning and development.

  • Paige Hamack

  • Susan H. Willis, MD

    Vice President
  • Yoko Miyashita, JD

  • Jonas K. Simonis

  • John Andrews

  • Joanna Gubas

  • Gail M. Houck, PhD, RN

  • Lois Maag

  • Erin J. Maher, PhD

  • Kumar Mehta, PhD

  • Renee M. Metty, MEd

  • Shannon Orton

  • Sabrina Powers, JD

  • Patrick Regnart

  • Jon Reingold

Emeritus Advisors

  • Reed Koch

  • Richard N. Brandon, PhD

  • Marcia Boyd

  • Debra Boyer, PhD

  • Michael Herschensohn, PhD

  • Ed Rogan

  • Sarah Ellen Stanley