New Mission Ventures

New Mission Ventures, led by Mia Doces, is Committee for Children’s in-house innovation lab for incubating new products to support children’s social-emotional development.

Founded in 2013, New Mission Ventures has built and launched a number of successful new products that are helping to redefine what’s possible in the field of social-emotional learning (SEL). Vice President of Innovation Mia Doces and her advisory task force identify opportunities for innovation and work with partners to fund research and design. Projects focus on leveraging Committee for Children’s 30-plus years of leadership in the social-emotional learning field, exploring ways to increase access to SEL beyond classroom walls.

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Advisory Board Committee

  • Steve Arnold, PhD

  • Lisa Conquergood

  • Reed Koch

  • Kristin Anderson Moore

  • Jon Reingold

  • Susan H. Willis, MD

Current Projects

Past Projects