Program Development

Our program development staff members are former educators who understand the joys and challenges of working in classrooms and use this experience to develop engaging teaching materials for students and staff. The team’s deep knowledge of best practices in effective pedagogy and teaching helps them develop content that’s easy to use and has practical, positive effects for educators every day. We’ve been producing—and improving on—our curricula since the 1980s. Our program development staff builds on this extensive knowledge of SEL, continually integrating new approaches and modifying our programs to address the real-life challenges faced in schools. The team is led by Tia Kim, vice president of Education, Research, & Impact.

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Bridgid Normand, MEd

Director of Education and Learning

Tonje M. Molyneux, MEd

Senior Educational Designer

Pamela Sale

Senior Educational Designer

Matt Pearsall, MAT

Senior Educational Designer

Elise Potts

Educational Designer