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Quick Tools for Middle School Program Back-to-School Success

middle school students

Are you leading implementation of our new Second Step Middle School Program? (If not, you should be! Check it out.)

Back-to-school is the perfect opportunity to energize your staff about this new program and get them on the same page with Second Step planning. Here are some things to consider for your back-to-school staff meetings:

  • As a staff, select a common, schoolwide weekly schedule for Second Step They’re 20-25 minutes long, so they can be taught in most advisory periods, homerooms, or subject-matter classes once each week.
  • Use the Principal Toolkit link (must be registered) on to access the implementation tools.
  • Have a staff conversation about how Second Step implementation supports your school’s core values. A key theme in implementation science is that the best outcomes occur when the program or intervention aligns with school’s vision, mission, policies, goals, code of conduct and most highly valued outcomes for the school. The program or intervention must also be entrenched within school culture.

Implementation quality matters!

A happy school year starts with a positive school climate from day one.