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Get Your Mind Ready with Mind Yeti* for Schools

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Life can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we created Mind Yeti, a kid-friendly tool to help both kids and adults ease anxiety and cope in just a few minutes a day. This mindfulness app can help you and your students get more out of study time, find ways to get along with others and calm down quickly in preparation for learning.  Read on to learn how Mind Yeti can benefit you and your classroom.

Busy Lives, Busy Minds

Kids are busy these days. Between school, extracurricular activities, home life, and even the simple pains of growing up, there’s a ton going on in their young minds. When thoughts, feelings and sensations start swirling around or get too big, they turn into the Hubbub. That can become distracting, which can make it hard to focus, interfering with learning.

Mind Yeti’s 3–5 minute mindfulness sessions help settle the Hubbub so students can get their minds ready for whatever they need to focus on, both at school and in life.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means purposely paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity and without judgment. It’s intentionally drawing your awareness to the thoughts, feelings, and sensations happening from moment to moment. See how one classroom uses Mind Yeti on the link below:

How Can Mindfulness Help Students?

Research examining mindfulness-based approaches in education has found:

  • Improvements in student attention
  • Improvements in student social-emotional skills (such as perspective taking and empathy)
  • Increases in prosocial behavior (such as sharing and including others)
  • Decreases in aggression and symptoms of depression

Take a look at this blog post for a full bibliography of the research behind Mind Yeti.

All You Have To Do Is Push Play

Mind Yeti is a collection of mindfulness sessions that are available online and on selected iOS devices. They can be played anytime you feel your class needs to take a break, settle down, and focus, and can be used to proactively build mindfulness skills. Suitable for elementary- and middle-school-aged kids, these sessions—which align with the Second Step Program—are divided into Moments and Powers.


  • Calm Down
  • Focus
  • Get Along
  • Reset
  • Create
  • Go to Sleep (for use at home)


  • Breath
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Senses
  • Body
  • Feelings
  • Thoughts

Once you find the sessions that work best for your students, you can save them to the My Favorites section for quick access anytime.

The easy-to-use Mind Yeti app requires no teacher training or experience with mindfulness instruction. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sessions before you introduce them to your class. Then just push play, sit back, and breathe along with your students. (An added benefit of Mind Yeti for schools: teachers get a break, too!)

“I was surprised by how well my students

took to it and how they described their feelings

afterward. We’ve used it every day since.”

—Misty S., Teacher

Get Mind Yeti for Schools

Mind Yeti for Schools unlocks unlimited access to all 80 (and counting) mindfulness sessions for your students and staff. This Premium subscription brings easy-to-use, research-based mindfulness sessions to every classroom in your school for one low price. The Mind Yeti team will manage accounts for up to 40 users throughout the life of your site license, helping you create a happy, calm, and positive classroom culture, one breath at a time.

Learn more about Mind Yeti for Schools today! 

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* Mind Yeti is not accepting new users at this time.