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Resources to Help Kids Cope with Scary Situations

how to talk about gun violence, safety conversation resources

The violent events at Santa Fe High School on May 18 are weighing heavily on our minds here at Committee for Children. These tragedies make us more committed to building a safe and just world for not only ourselves, but for our children and future generations.

Committee for Children, in partnership with educators, children, parents, and caregivers like you, understand it’s of paramount importance to build children’s social-emotional competencies. By building these competencies, we can help forge a foundation of skills—such as kindness, empathy, problem solving, and emotion control—that will help kids and communities be kinder and more inclusive, now and in the future.

We’ve compiled a list of safety conversation resources for educators, parents, and others who work with kids to assist with and help navigate tough conversations in the aftermath of events like the Santa Fe shooting.

Talking to Children About the Shooting

The National Education Association—School Crisis Guide

PBS Parents: Talking with Kids About News

Addressing Gun Violence in Schools

Bullying Prevention Resources

We encourage you to use these tools to help the kids in your life cope with frightening and disturbing situations.