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The Socially-Emotionally Savvy Newborn

By the time you read this, the child I’ve been playing host to for the past forty weeks and four days will have hopefully chosen to make her glorious debut Earthside.… Read More


Safer, Saner Summer

The warm days of June bring me back to my summers of parenting four children, each of whom awaited the end of school with excited anticipation. I, on the other hand, cast more of a gimlet eye on the season.… Read More


Taming the Buy-In Monster

This year, make the buy-in monster a little less scary: focus on your allies, find your innovators, and build some enthusiasm!… Read More


Book Review: Challenging Behavior in Elementary and Middle School

by Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar Rasminsky
Reading Level: Adult

In the introduction to their award-winning Challenging Behavior in Elementary and Middle School, authors Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar Rasminsky write: “As a teacher or future teacher, you have two choices. Either you can create an environment that welcomes [students] and teaches them how to become the best…… Read More


Sexting: The Anonymity Irony

As parents, teachers, and children navigate our quickly evolving cyberscape, with its continents and oceans of Internet, texting, blogs, instant messaging, and social networking sites, not to mention whole new dialects and norms, we find both limitless possibility and opportunity for trouble. Although in many ways it is the young people who are leading this expedition, it is up to the adults to balance sharing our wisdom and experience with allowing our progeny to find their own…… Read More


A Perspective from Dachau

I love my job for many reasons. I get to travel the country and meet with schools that use Committee for Children programs or want to know more about social-emotional learning.… Read More


Beloit Schools Aim to Tackle Bullies… Read More


In My Father’s Shoes

While I was growing up, I frequently clashed with my dad, a Greek immigrant, who had different ideas about the how I should live my life.… Read More


Book Review: No Castles Here

By A. C. E. Bauer
Reading level: Grades 6–8

Eleven-year-old Augie Boretski’s best bet in life is to be invisible. As a skinny, friendless boy in a down-and-out neighborhood, Augie tries to keep off the radar of Sergio, Dwaine, and Fox Tooth, the three biggest troublemakers in sixth grade. Unfortunately, he is their favorite target. School is a daily trial, as the boys chase, beat up, and steal from…… Read More


An Ounce of Prevention

Several years ago I worked on a University of Washington research study on an intervention technique for teen marijuana use.… Read More