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When Worlds Collide, We Can All Worry Less

I’m a relatively new parent of a remarkable 15-month-old girl. Like most parents, I worry. A lot.… Read More


Book Review: Molly’s Pilgrim

By Barbara Cohen
Illustrated by Michael J. Deraney

Teasing others for their differences is not a 21st century phenomenon. Children have always found reasons to make fun of others. Fortunately, there have also always been compassionate people alongside the tormenters. The turn-of-the-20th-century protagonist of Read More


How The New Second Step Program Has Changed Me

Last year, I started by piloting the new edition of the Second Step program in kindergarten classrooms, and ended the school year teaching some fourth- and fifth-grade lessons under the watchful eye of some video cameras.… Read More


Another Lost Childhood

There’s never a good time to tell your loved ones you were a victim of childhood sexual abuse.… Read More


Kinder Kids Do Better in School

April 21, 2011

SEATTLE—Committee for Children is releasing a completely new edition of their Second Step social-skills program, based in part on research that shows that children with better social-emotional skills do better academically. The release includes a specially designed curriculum for early childhood, a brand-new but much anticipated addition to the critically acclaimed program.

Recent…… Read More