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Learning to Serve with Heart

When a group of eight-year-olds tell you they want to change the world, you listen.… Read More

Book Review: Just Kidding

By Trudy Ludwig
Reading Level: Grades 1–4

D.J. wants to be a good sport. As the new kid at school, he’s happy to be included by Vince and the other boys, but when Vince’s funny remarks start having an edge, D.J. is not laughing. He’s confused and hurt. As he says, his friends at his old school “would joke around with me, but they never made me feel like I was a…… Read More

Work Together to Prevent Bullying

March 22, 2010

SEATTLE—Bullying isn’t just harmless playground behavior. It’s something many children witness each and every day, and it can have long-lasting, serious consequences.

An astounding eight out of ten boys and girls in middle and high schools across the United States report being bullied, points out Committee for Children, a King County-based nonprofit organization that…… Read More

The Roots of My Advocacy, Part 3

As research validated our programs, word about Committee for Children spread.… Read More

Teach Your Child Well

Elementary school students may not be thinking too much about a career path. Even middle and high school students often feel they have plenty of time to contemplate a grown-up future of work, family, and community. But the adults who teach them, counsel them, coach them, and make their breakfast in the morning are well aware of how quickly time passes. Today that nine-year-old may be wrestling a word problem in math class. Tomorrow, she’ll be all dressed up for an interview…… Read More

Book Review: Trouble Talk

by Trudy Ludwig
Reading Level: Grades 1–4

New student Bailey bursts onto the scene at Hoover Elementary. She’s fun and lively, and at first Maya enjoys her friendship with her. But after a while, Maya becomes uncomfortable with Bailey’s insensitive ways. At a slumber party, Bailey prefaces an insult to another friend with “No offense, but…” Later, she embarrasses…… Read More

Not Your Father’s Brain Research

Thirty-three years ago, about all that was known about the brain was its basic anatomy, but I still found it intriguing to learn about this amazingly complex organ.… Read More