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Beloit Schools Aim to Tackle Bullies More

In My Father’s Shoes

While I was growing up, I frequently clashed with my dad, a Greek immigrant, who had different ideas about the how I should live my life.Read More

Book Review: No Castles Here

By A. C. E. Bauer
Reading level: Grades 6–8

Eleven-year-old Augie Boretski’s best bet in life is to be invisible. As a skinny, friendless boy in a down-and-out neighborhood, Augie tries to keep off the radar of Sergio, Dwaine, and Fox Tooth, the three biggest troublemakers in sixth grade. Unfortunately, he is their favorite target. School is a daily trial, as the boys chase, beat up, and steal from…Read More

An Ounce of Prevention

Several years ago I worked on a University of Washington research study on an intervention technique for teen marijuana use.Read More

Everybody Needs a Little SEL

Every single one of us needs to know how to get along with others, treat people with respect, take a few deep breaths when we are angry, say “no” to an overly affectionate babysitter or, later on, a pushy boyfriend.Read More

Positive Schools Climate | Students studying | Library

School Climate and Social-Emotional Learning

The concept of “school climate” is of great interest to educators today who, in light of regular news reports of school violence, are seeking a way to keep their school community safe for everyone. Although the term has been in use for more than 100 years (Perry, 1908), the exact meaning of school climate is still difficult to pin down.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll use the definition set forth by the Read More

Social-Emotional Learning and Academics Activities

>Elementary and middle school activities that incorporate social-emotional learning and academics (adapted from the Second Step and Steps to Respect programs)

Read More

The Work Is Worth It

Once in a great while, as we forge ahead in pursuit of our mission, we encounter someone who brings us up short and reminds us just how vitally important this work really is.Read More

Helping Kids Chill & Spill

It’s gratifying to know that educators all over the world now have an easy way to use art and creative writing to promote emotional expression, identity development, and healthy choices.Read More