How You Can Empower Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying

October marks the start of National Bullying Prevention Month. This year, in the wake of numerous, continuing demonstrations for racial justice, it’s especially important to recognize the role race plays in bullying and to support educators and families in their desire to address racially motivated bullying. In service of our pledge to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion inside and outside of our organization, Committee for Children is proud to announce the return of superhero Captain Compassion® and sidekick Kid Kinder®.

At, educators can access our bullying prevention resources and read the 2020 comic strips with their students. There will be a new comic strip each week in October. Written in collaboration with Mahogany L. Browne, the author of Woke Baby, this year’s comics follow Kid Kinder into the world of an online video game. While playing, Kid Kinder and his friends use research-based strategies to recognize, report, and refuse racially motivated cyberbullying. This powerful story teaches kids to activate their bystander power and build safer, more supportive communities for everyone.

Win a One-of-a-Kind Illustration with Captain Compassion®

As providers of research-based bullying prevention materials, we’ve spent many years supporting schools’ and families’ increased focus on preventing bullying during the month of October. This year, educators are looking for creative ways to engage students remotely. Our free resources at provide research-based tools and tips to help teachers create and maintain a safe learning climate, even in a virtual environment. Bring your students together this October by challenging them to enter the Captain Compassion Secret Decoder Wheel contest. Here’s how it works. First, encourage students to read and discuss the new Captain Compassion comic each week in October. Then, inspire them to collaborate remotely to uncover the hidden message in the Secret Decoder Wheel puzzle.
Once students decode each clue from all five comics, they’ll reveal the secret message. If they submit it to us via direct message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by October 30, they’ll have a chance to win a one-of-a-kind illustration with Captain Compassion!

Thank you for your dedication to creating safe and supportive learning environments for your students, especially those who are the most vulnerable. Together, we can help end bullying in our classrooms, schools, and communities.

Best wishes,

Andrea Lovanhill | Interim Chief Executive Officer

Committee for Children


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