Advocacy in Action

Help Improve Child Safety and Protection

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month, an opportunity to support the well-being of children. You can help keep kids safe by advocating access to primary prevention programs that include life skill-building.

Building life skills strengthens protective factors that decrease a child’s vulnerability to potential harm, including child sexual abuse. Evidence-based primary prevention programs teach kids skills like assertiveness, which they can use to recognize, refuse, and report unsafe behaviors. Life skill-building programs can also help prevent harmful behavior before it occurs by fostering empathy and teaching kids how to manage conflict and form healthy relationships.

Your voice can help improve child safety and protection. Use the form to ask your state and federal lawmakers to prioritize access to life skill-building programs. We’ve provided a prewritten letter that you can edit if you’d like to include a personal message.

Thank you for advocating with us! Visit for more ways to take action.