Advocacy in Action

Speak Up Now to Support Federal Investment in Social-Emotional Learning

The US House Appropriations Committee has planned an unprecedented investment: $260 million for social-emotional learning (SEL) as part of the 2020 federal education funding bill. But we need your help to get this investment to the appropriations finish line! This funding would represent a historic federal commitment to supporting state education agencies, universities, community-based organizations, school districts, and researchers in significantly accelerating and scaling work to educate the whole child for success in school, work, and life.

The funds would support:

  • A new grant program to research students’ SEL needs ($170 million)
  • Teacher professional development ($25 million)
  • A competitive grant to help school districts increase the number of mental health professionals in schools ($25 million)
  • Support for community schools ($40 million)

Will you take a moment to tell your federal lawmakers that you support this powerful investment in SEL?