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Committee for Children Launches Mind Yeti –Mindfulness for Kids and Their Adults

Free, research-based resource for use in classrooms and homes

SEATTLE – Can mindfulness settle the hubbub for kids? Committee for Children (CFC) believes it can. The global leader of research-based social-emotional learning education recently announced the worldwide beta release of Mind Yeti, a free, easy-to-use guided mindfulness resource designed to help kids calm down, focus themselves in preparation for learning and better connect to themselves and others. Mind Yeti is a mobile responsive web app that brings mindfulness to kids–and the adults who care about them–using fun, bite-sized audio sessions and animated videos. Mind Yeti’s research-based content thoughtfully targets the stress and anxiety that children and adults deal with both in the classroom and at home. Mind Yeti helps children develop skills to regulate their own feelings and behaviors at home and at school.


As a trailblazer in social-emotional learning education, Committee for Children developed Mind Yeti in consultation with leaders in the field of mindfulness in education and research, including Dr. Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, a renowned expert in the area of social-emotional learning research with children and adolescents. The Mind Yeti team also worked with Molly Lawlor, an expert in social-emotional development throughout childhood and the application of mindfulness within the school context.


“We’ve worked with top researchers and experts in children’s entertainment to tailor a mindfulness tool just for kids,” said Mia Doces, Committee for Children Director of New Mission Ventures. “Mind Yeti uses animated videos, metaphors that help kids understand complicated concepts, and interesting soundscapes to make mindfulness accessible and fun. Students are telling us they feel calmer immediately after using Mind Yeti. That’s really good news because a calm, focused mind can make a big difference in school performance, both socially and academically.”


Research examining mindfulness-based approaches in education has found improvements in student attention and social-emotional skills, increases in prosocial behavior, and decreases in aggression and symptoms of depression.


CFC is uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of mindfulness to elementary school children as the organization’s curricula reach schools in over 70 countries, including 30% of all U.S. elementary schools. Each year, more than 10.6 million children benefit from CFC’s programs.  Plans for a full product with additional content are currently in the works.


“We believe the timing is right for this product and the data seems to bear this out,” said Joan Cole Duffell, Executive Director of Committee for Children. “Educators across the country have been asking us for it and in the first week after launch, we’ve already had more than 10,000 visitors to the site.”


Mind Yeti’s groundbreaking approach to mindfulness in education helps both teachers and students come together to create a happy, calm and positive classroom. This kid-friendly media – available via web and mobile devices – has zeroed in on the importance of creating a unique language that encourages open and honest dialogue around the significance of having a calm and focused mind, as well as the benefits of expressing gratitude and kindness. No training is needed to use Mind Yeti, which allows individuals who are new to mindfulness, as well as those who have previous mindfulness experience to actively participate in the sessions with the youngsters in their life.


Mind Yeti was not only developed for elementary-school-age children and teachers to integrate mindfulness throughout the day, but also as a way for families to discover the power of mindfulness together.


Mind Yeti is simple to use and can be accessed by teachers and parents alike, anytime, anywhere on any connected computer or mobile device. For more information, or to sign up for Mind Yeti, visit




About Mind Yeti
Mind Yeti is a research-based mobile-friendly web app designed for families, educators and students to enjoy mindfulness together. Mind Yeti currently offers twelve guided audio sessions that help students practice how to calm themselves, focus their attention, and connect better to themselves and others.  Individuals can sign up for free at Connect with Mind Yeti on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About Committee for Children

Founded in 1978, Committee for Children is a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through education and advocacy. CFC is the world’s largest provider of research-based educational programs that promote social-emotional skills and prevent bullying and sexual abuse. Today the organization’s curricula reach schools in over 70 countries, including 30% of all U.S. elementary schools. Each year, more than 10.6 million children benefit from these programs. Learn more at Connect with CFC on Facebook and Twitter.

* Mind Yeti is not accepting new users at this time.