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Global Leader in Social-Emotional Learning Education Launches Kids’ Mindfulness App for Android

Mind Yeti™* for Android and iOS offers kids and their adults research-based mindfulness skills on the go for any summer adventure—now with offline play and additional “Sleep” sessions

SEATTLE—Committee for Children (CFC), the global leader of research-based social-emotional learning curricula, today announced the launch of Mind Yeti for Android, adding to its current iPhone and desktop applications. The free app teaches research-based mindfulness skills to children ages 5–12 using fun, kid-friendly characters and engaging stories that help kids “settle the hubbub” and calm down, focus and connect better with the people around them. Mindfulness can be understood as intentionally paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and kindness.

Built from the ground up for kids to use with their adults, Mind Yeti on preferred mobile devices gives kids and parents the most accessible way to practice 70+ mindfulness sessions wherever their summer adventures take them, with or without access to Wi-Fi with the new “Offline Play” mode. In the continental United States, where we experience 14 to 16 hours of sunlight at the peak of summer, tackling the normal bedtime routine with children can be especially challenging. Described by one happy parent as “bedtime gold,” the newly released “Sleep” sessions mean that putting the kids to bed when it’s still light outside doesn’t have to be so daunting.

Features include:

  • NEW – Offline Play—No Wi-Fi, no problem
  • NEW – Go to Sleep sessions:
    • Balloon Drift Off—Put your day in a hot-air balloon and let it drift off
    • Good Night, Friends—Settle in for sleep by wishing your friends good night
  • NEW – My Favorites Playlist:
    • Add a favorite session to your playlist—use offline or online
  • Guided sessions to use in specific Mind Yeti™ Moments throughout the day
    • Focus, Calm, Get Along, Reset, Create, Go to Sleep
  • Mind Yeti ™ Power Portal, where kids can discover skills and power up their “Yeti Powers”:
    • Breath, Thought, Feelings, Senses, Body, Gratitude, Kindness
  • The ability to mark favorite sessions to come back to later
  • Tips, tricks and resources for adults to support the kids in their life
  • Closed captioning

Since launching in 2016 for desktops and piloted in schools across the country, Mind Yeti is currently being used by over 500,000 kids and adults. Mind Yeti’s groundbreaking approach to mindfulness has zeroed in on the importance of meeting kids where they are, including creating a unique language that encourages open and honest dialog around feelings and self-acceptance. Mind Yeti helps kids “settle the hubbub” by giving them the tools to calm and focus themselves. It also helps them focus on positive attitudes and behaviors like practicing gratitude and kindness.

“The beauty of Mind Yeti is that it’s based on a growing body of compelling research on the benefits of mindfulness with kids. We’re already hearing from families about how it’s helping kids with anxiety focus and sleep,” said Mia Doces, Committee for Children’s director of New Mission Ventures. “Now, Mind Yeti for your mobile phone is a wonderful way to take mindfulness with you anywhere this summer, either at the campsite before bed or on the road or in the air.”

Interest in mindfulness has grown in recent years, with researchers examining the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness training. Researchers have examined the role of mindfulness and psychological health in both adults and children and have found mindfulness to be related to well-being, and, linked to lower rates of emotional distress, including anxiety and depression (Brown & Ryan, 2003; Lawlor, Schonert-Reichl, Gadermann, & Zumbo, 2014). In addition, researchers have examined the benefits of mindfulness training for children and have discovered improvements across social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes for children post mindfulness practice (for reviews see Burke, 2010: Greenberg & Harris, 2012; Harnett & Dawe, 2012; Meiklejohn et al., 2012; Zoogman, Godlbergh, Hoyt, & Miller, 2014).

Mind Yeti offers 15 free guided audio sessions. Premium users who pay $10 monthly or $72 a year ($6/month) get access to Mind Yeti’s unrestricted full library of 70+ sessions (including sleep). Mind Yeti for Schools is a site license program for schools, districts and organizations. The site license allows organizations to purchase multiple Mind Yeti Premium subscription memberships for a discounted price, using a credit card or a purchase order.


About Mind Yeti
Mind Yeti is mindfulness for kids and their adults. Mind Yeti’s unique characters, stories, voices and sounds make mindfulness for kids fun. Designed for children ages 5–12, it teaches kids the skills to calm down, focus and connect better with the world around them. Mind Yeti currently offers 15 free guided audio sessions and a growing library of premium content. Individuals can sign up for free at

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About CFC
Founded in 1978, Committee for Children is a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. CFC is the world’s largest provider of research-based educational programs that promote social-emotional skills and help prevent bullying and sexual abuse. Today the organization’s curricula reach schools in more than 70 countries, including 30% of all U.S. elementary schools. Each year, more than 10.6 million children benefit from these programs. Learn more at


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