Grade Five Hero Image
Grade Five Hero Image

Fifth-grade students pay attention to social status and need skills to deal with gossip and peer pressure. Additionally, they need skills to help them self-regulate so they can focus in class and learn. The research-based Second Step program includes activities, award-winning videos, and guided classroom discussions to help students understand the complexities of feelings and reactions so they can be ready to learn and deal with emotions and problems responsibly.



View the full Grade 5 scope and sequence (PDF)

Grade 5 Kit Image

Second Step Grade 5 Classroom Kit $419

Included in the Classroom Kit

You’ll find everything you’ll need to teach the program in the classroom:

  • 22 lessons
  • 3 Unit Cards for teachers
  • 3 colorful classroom posters
  • Grade 5 lesson DVD

Lesson Topics

Lessons are taught once a week and take 35–40 minutes, followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities—all with little to no prep time.
unit 1
Empathy and Skills for Learning
  • Empathy and Respect
  • Listening with Attention
  • Being Assertive
  • Predicting Feelings
  • Taking Others’ Perspectives
  • Accepting Differences
  • Disagreeing Respectfully
  • Responding with Compassion
unit 2
Emotion Management
  • Introducing Emotion Management
  • Calming Down
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Managing Frustration
  • Resisting Revenge
  • Handling Put-Downs
  • Avoiding Assumptions
unit 3
Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems, Part 1
  • Solving Problems, Part 2
  • Making a Plan
  • Seeking Help
  • Dealing with Gossip
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills

What’s in a Kit?

More Content Online!

  • Online training
  • Teaching instructions
  • Summative assessments
  • Digital versions of teaching resources
  • Spanish translations of lesson and family materials

“If I were speaking to other principals about SEL, I would say, ‘Run toward it as fast as you can. It’s critical.’”

Amy Lloyd, Principal
Cunningham Elementary School, Austin, TX

Call to order the Second Step program: 800-634-4449


Lesson 21: Dealing with Peer Pressure

“Step Up” Music Video

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