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Children Thrive with Safety and Support

Committee for Children develops programs rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL) that help transform schools into supportive and successful learning environments. Our Second Step® family of SEL programs provides parents, educators, and communities with tools to guide the social-emotional growth and safety of today’s youth. Together, our programs help us achieve our mission to foster the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development.

When implemented holistically, with a coordinated, community-wide approach, SEL can build stronger communities and support inclusive, equitable learning.

Download the white paper: The Case for a Holistic Approach to SEL

Success Stories

Thousands of schools around the world and more than 26.9 million children benefit from Second Step® programs each year.

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Not Just Better Students, Better People

With Second Step programs, educators give Early Learning–Grade 8 students the tools they need to excel in the classroom and beyond. The Second Step family of programs offers social-emotional learning, bullying prevention, and child protection curricula. Together these help improve behavior, build a positive school environment, and address safety—all while creating lasting results for children, educators, families, caregivers, and communities.