Bullying Prevention Resources

Resources for Educators and Families

Committee for Children is dedicated to promoting the safety, well-being, and success of children in school and in life. The goal of this page is to empower kids and the adults around them with information and resources to help them understand what bullying is, who is affected by it, and what you and your community can do to prevent it.

Parents and Guardians

What Parents Should Know About Bullying: A Two-Part Article

Bullying includes behaviors such as hitting, teasing, taunting, spreading rumors and gossip, stealing, and excluding someone from a group. Bullying actions are carried out on purpose with the intent to harm someone.
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Clients and Educators

Policy and Advocacy

Committee for Children Is Taking Action to Promote Child Well-Being

Fueled by our mission, we are advocates for change. We collaborate with lawmakers from around the country and support laws and policies that strengthen children’s well-being. We work to promote social-emotional learning, prevent violence, and reduce disproportionality, and influence state and federal laws, where we’re constantly pushing for positive change for children. Read more.

Read about our Joint Advocacy Efforts
See what bills we’re tracking that support bullying prevention legislation