Free Classroom Activities

Part of our mission is to empower children and adults with social-emotional skills that help them realize their goals in the classroom and throughout their lives. In keeping with that, and in an effort to help educators engage with their students and reinforce the social-emotional skills they’re teaching, we’ve created this Classroom Activities Page.

Here you’ll find materials that have been developed for preschool through middle school classrooms by our Second Step team of experts. These activities align with the Second Step K–5 Suite—which includes Second Step SEL, the Child Protection Unit, and the Bullying Prevention Unit—and with Mind Yeti for Schools, a mindfulness program designed for elementary-aged students.

Bookmark this page and share it with your colleagues because we’ll be continually adding activities for you to use at your school.

Early Learning

Early Learning student

Support Tree: Who’s Safe to Ask for Help—Activity

Grades EL–3—When it comes to personal safety, children need to know who to go to for help. In this free activity teachers, parents, and guardians help students name the people in their lives who they can go to when something’s not quite right.… Read More


Elementary student

SEL Passport Challenge

This summer, help your students practice their social-emotional skills with this easy-to-make SEL passport. Parents and teachers can help students create this handy reminder of how to use kind, respectful, prosocial behavior anytime, anywhere. … Read More

Middle School

Middle School student