Winter Well-Being

Tia Kim

About Tia

Dr. Tia Kim is a developmental psychologist and educator well-being expert with a background in creating supportive school environments.

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Cailin Currie

About Cailin

Dr. Cailin Currie is a developmental psychologist and a social-emotional well-being expert with a background in healthy coping strategies.

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    Winter Well-Being Press Kit

    2021–2022 Video Series

    Explore last year’s video series to learn more about routines and research that can boost your well-being.

    Managing Holiday Stress

    Embracing the Silver Lining

    Setting Goals as Self-Care

    Nurturing Teens’ Friendships

    Understanding Culture and Mental Health

    Supporting Kids’ Sense of Self

    Being an Effective Parent

    Celebrating with Gratitude

    Showing Yourself Kindness

    2020–2021 Video Series

    Explore the original video series.


    Managing Holiday Stress

    Being Present with Family

    Resolutions that Stick

    Setting Your Intentions

    Making Time for Joy

    Listening to Understand

    Expressing Gratitude

    A family making a snowman.