Winter Well-Being

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Showing Yourself Kindness

This week, Tia answers audience questions about self-compassion and how parents can model kindness for their kids.

Winter Well-Being Expert, Dr. Tia Kim.

“By prioritizing your mental health during stressful times, you’ll help your family lay the groundwork for increased resilience, wellness, and self-care—in winter and beyond.“

Dr. Tia Kim
Vice President of Education, Research & Impact
Committee for Children

About Tia

Dr. Tia Kim is a developmental psychologist, a parent-child relationship expert, and a mom of two. She believes in a strong family foundation, open lines of communication, and the critical role that parent-child relationships play in healthy child development. With her experience as a parent, research scientist, and psychologist, Tia aims to provide simple, research-based tips and insights to help you and your family conquer the winter blues and work through pandemic-induced feelings of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and more.

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