Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Advocating for a More Just and Peaceful World

At Committee for Children, we believe that social-emotional learning (SEL) is fundamental to achieving social justice. We are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), to becoming an anti-racist organization, and to building a more just and peaceful world where every child can thrive. This means creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where our people, programs, and supports reflect and address the needs of educators, the diverse communities we serve, and those we hope to serve.

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Read Our Equity Statement

We’re committed to building an anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive society that supports the positive development of every child.
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Review Our Board of Directors’ Letter of Support

Our board is fully aligned with doing the hard work to increase equity and social justice inside our organization as well as outside of it.
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Learn More About Our DEI Strategy

We’re committed to building an anti-racist organization that prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and a culture of belonging.
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Read Our DEI Timeline

From advocating for SEL and racial equity to ensuring cultural relevance and representation in our own materials, this timeline provides a snapshot of the progress we’ve made on our DEI journey.
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Our People

Committee for Children is filled with thought leaders, advocates, and connectors who work to foster inclusiveness and belonging and strive to further equity.

Committee for Children: Our Origin and History

Learn about Committee for Children’s history and why championing child safety and well-being has been our mission since 1979.

Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride

CEO Andrea Lovanhill shares how her childhood in Kentucky helped pave the way to a career at Committee for Children, the pride she experiences as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and her persisting commitment to the safety and well-being of all children.

Our Staff’s Experiences

"I feel proud to work for an organization that is so deeply committed to doing more than updating HR policies and releasing statements."

Amy Walker
Director, Strategic Partnerships

“We’re taking an active role in understanding DEI and implementing it in our lives to better serve our clients and communities.”

Harvey Fox
Technical Support Representative

“Personal learning and reflection around DEI are important to better understand how to effectively support all children through our programs.”

Tia Kim
Vice President, Education, Research & Impact

Our Programs

We work to ensure our programs are culturally responsive, affirming, and accessible for every child.

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Second Step® Programs and Learning for Justice Alignment Chart

A curated list of Learning for Justice lessons aligned to Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School.
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Our Communities

We advocate for policies and practices that promote social justice and equity, and we will continue amplifying the voices and experiences of systemically marginalized people and communities.

Celebrating Black History Month

Black women leaders share stories about the Black educators who supported them as youths and empowered them to become the people they are today.
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Pride in Being an AAPI Educator

AAPI educators remember their proudest moments, share what they love about their identity, and talk about the importance of promoting AAPI representation in the classroom.
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Celebrate Native American Educators: Patricia Whitefoot

Educator Patricia Whitefoot of the Yakama Nation discusses how school communities can cultivate a welcoming culture for Native American and Native Alaskan students.
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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic and Latinx American educators share their cultural pride and talk about how cultural representation in the classroom helps students gain a sense of belonging.

Panel Discussion: Educators and Students Talk Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Watch Dr. Tia Kim speak with educators and students about the needs of their school communities and their thoughts on anti-racism advocacy and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Future of Civic Engagement Is Social-Emotional Learning

Explore the connection between social-emotional skills and civic responsibility and justice—and learn how civic engagement can help build authentic teacher-student relationships.

Our Partners

We collaborate with educators around the world to develop strategies that bring SEL into the fabric of education and help the world grow kinder.

Global Impact

We work closely with our international partners to meet the needs of different dynamics and definitions of diversity and inclusion around the globe.
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No Compasso das Emoções

Positive Pieces—Second Step® Australia, Belmont State School

Wise Edu Plus, China

Our Resources

Superhero Captain Compassion® Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying

Our Captain Compassion campaign and comic series teaches kids and adults to use their upstander power, with guidance on how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying. The 2021 series focused on issues related to race. Sample comic panels include:

The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast Helps Kids (and Grown-Ups) Talk About Race and Equity

This popular, award-winning SEL podcast uses stories and activities to tackle big feelings and issues. Episodes that help kids and parents understand and talk about racial identity and racism include:

The Grow Kinder® Podcast Breaks Down Barriers and Amplifies Diverse Voices

This first-of-its-kind SEL podcast features thought leaders talking about society’s most pressing challenges. The second season highlighted how SEL advances equity and social justice and helps bring people together. Listen to these favorites:

The Winter Well-Being Campaign Helps Families Boost Resilience by Understanding Culture and Identity

Our seasonal video series highlights ways families can manage stress and increase wellness. In these episodes from season two, psychologist and mom Dr. Tia Kim is joined by guests to explore the effects that culture, identity, and a sense of belonging can have on mental health: