You Have the Power to Prevent Bullying

Bullying prevention superhero Captain Compassion® is here to give her trusty sidekick Kid Kinder® guidance about how to help others recognize, report, and refuse racially motivated bullying. Every week in October, we’ll publish a new comic strip designed to help kids learn how to use their upstander power. Follow along to find out how we can create safer, more inclusive communities by working together.

Captain Compassion holding her secret decoder wheel.

Unlock the Secret Message . . .

Throughout the month of October, Captain Compassion will hide a code word in each week’s comic strip. You can decode the hidden word with our downloadable Secret Decoder Wheel.

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Decode the full message by November 4 and submit your answer by direct message to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win an illustration of you and Captain Compassion!

Captain Compassion holding her secret decoder wheel.
Kid Kinder

Read the Origin Story

All heroes start somewhere. Go back to the beginning of Kid Kinder’s story and follow his journey to becoming an upstander.

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What Can You Do to Prevent Bullying Today?

Adults play a crucial role in the success of bullying prevention efforts, but it’s not always clear how to help. The following videos can help you tap into your own upstander power, recognize the signs of bullying, and foster trusting relationships with the kids in your life.

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Bullying Prevention Resources

Find more information on recognizing and addressing bullying, engaging at-home activities, and curated research about the connection between bullying prevention and social-emotional learning.
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The Importance of Upstander Power

When upstanders intervene, it can reduce instances of bullying by more than 50 percent.

If Your Child Witnesses Bullying

  • Ask for more details
  • Assure them the situation will be addressed
  • Follow up with school administration

If Your Child Is Bullied

  • Believe them
  • Tell them you’ll make sure the situation is addressed
  • Follow up with school administration

If Your Child Is Bullying

  • Listen with an open mind
  • Remember the behavior doesn’t define the child
  • Work with school administration on an action plan

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