You Have the Power to Prevent Bullying

Committee for Children is teaming up once again with bullying prevention superhero Captain Compassion® in support of National Bullying Prevention Month. This year, the Captain is back to empower kids and adults to use their bystander power and to give her trusty sidekick Kid Kinder® guidance about how to help others recognize, report, and refuse bullying. 

But we can’t put a stop to bullying without your help.

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Activate Your Bystander Power

Follow Captain Compassion and Kid Kinder as they address the challenges that can come with being a bystander—and prove there's not just one way to activate your bystander power.

Check back weekly for bullying prevention tips from the engaging Caption Compassion comic series. Download the Secret Decoder Wheel together with your kids, and look for the hidden word each week. Decode the full message at the end of the month, and with your help, kids can enter for a chance to be drawn as a Captain Compassion comic series character.

captain compassion with decoder wheel

New This Week: Kid Kinder Jumps Back into Action

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Week 1: Kid Kinder Jumps Back into Action

Week 2: Recognizing Bullying

Week 3: Reporting Bullying

Week 4


Week 5

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See Where It All Began

Check out last year’s comic series to learn how Kid Kinder earned his Bystander badge.

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FREE Posters

Download the 2019 Captain Compassion and Bystander Power posters

What Can You Do To Prevent Bullying Today?

Adults play a crucial role in the success of bullying prevention efforts, but it’s not always clear how to help. This video can help you tap into your own bystander power, from recognizing the signs of bullying to fostering trusting relationships with the kids in your care. It’s also important to recognize that all kids connected with bullying—those who experience it, engage in it, and even witness it—can suffer long-term mental health consequences.

The Importance of Bystander Power

When bystanders intervene, it can reduce instances of bullying by more than 50 percent (Hawkins, Pepler, & Craig, 2001). Empowering kids to use their bystander power, whether it's speaking out in the moment or reporting to a trusted adult, can contribute to creating a safer environment both in the classroom and outside of school (Nickerson, Mele, & Princiotta, 2008).

If Your Child Witnesses Bullying

  • Ask for more details
  • Assure them the situation will be addressed
  • Follow up with school administration

If Your Child Is Bullied

  • Believe them
  • Tell them you’ll make sure the situation is addressed
  • Follow up with school administration

If Your Child Is Bullying

  • Listen with an open mind
  • Remember the behavior doesn’t define the child
  • Work with school administration on an action plan

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Social Media Toolkit

Show your support for bullying prevention throughout the month of October.

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