Imagine a World Without Bullying
At Committee for Children, we know bullying is a serious issue in and out of schools and a threat to children’s safety. But there’s something you—and all of us—can do to help stop it. That’s why . . . we’ve teamed up with Captain Compassion!
Watch Disney Channel star Skai Jackson introduce Captain Compassion!
The Importance of Bystander Power
If You Witness Bullying
If Your Child Is Bullied
If Your Child Is Bullying

Who Is Captain Compassion?

She’s a bullying prevention superhero who teaches parents, kids, and her trusty sidekick Kid Kinder how to use their bystander power to help stop bullying.

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captain compassion vault of kindness

Thanks for taking the pledge to help stop bullying! You’re on your way to making the world a kinder place. With your downloadable Captain Compassion swag, you’ll have fun reminders about the lessons you’ve learned about Bystander Power and how to help stop bullying.

Be sure to visit each week of October to see new Captain Compassion comics that not only demonstrate ways to recognize, report, and respond to bullying, but are filled with secret clues for you to unlock!

Captain Compassion Poster

Display your Captain Compassion poster at home, community center, or in your classroom! (Psst… you can download as many as you like.)

Secret Decoder Wheel

This easy-to-assemble tool helps you decode weekly clues from Captain Compassion that culminate into a message just for you!

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Now that you’ve taken The Pledge to join Captain Compassion in her mission to help stop bullying, you deserve an official certificate to commemorate your commitment.

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Every member of Captain Compassion’s crew gets their own membership card. Carry it with you and share with friends and family to show your commitment to help stop bullying.

Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love coloring?! Download and share these pages with your friends and classmates, then use your imagination to make them really rad!

Bystander Power


Reports or Helps Report Bullying


Stands Up for Someone Being Bullied


Is Respectful and Kind


Includes Everyone

Studies show bystanders are the largest group affected by bullying—70% to 90% of students say they witness bullying at school regularly. But that doesn’t mean bystanders are just passive observers of bullying—they have the POWER to defuse bullying situations, SUPPORT their peers, and HELP create a positive environment where KINDNESS and RESPECT are the norms.

A Bystander Sees or Knows About Bullying Happening to Someone Else

When and How to Use Your Bystander Power

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5