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2016–17 Report to the Community

The drive for greater program impact is at the heart of everything we do at Committee for Children. In the past year, we’ve seen that national and international interest in social-emotional learning has never been greater, and the future for our work has never been so bright. Take a look at some of the accomplishments we’ve made in our 2016–17 fiscal year.
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Around the Globe

Through international partnerships we’re expanding our mission reach. Over 30,000 Australian students now receive Second Step lessons.
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Our Innovation Lab

Launched in May 2016, Mind Yeti’s research-based mindfulness app is helping half a million children calm down and focus through fun and engaging audio sessions.
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Success in Action: PEDALS Head Start Success

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Finally, we’d like to say thank you to the community of educators, administrators, policymakers, and parents who make our mission a reality and who help us help children become not just better students, but better people every day.
Thank you.