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Joan Cole Duffell

What Families Need to Know About Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Starting the conversation with your children about sexual abuse is critical, but it isn’t always easy. Committee for Children’s executive director Joan Cole Duffell talks to Q13 FOX about the things families need to know to keep kids safe.… Read More

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students with buddy bench

Hey, Buddy, Will You Come Over and Sit with Us?

Feeling excluded is often painful, lonely, and confusing for children. At Broadmor Elementary, students and staff have come up with a clever way to promote new friendships and a school culture built on inclusion and kindness.… Read More

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teacher at front of classroom

Tackling Opioid Addiction Early

Governor Charlie Baker has released his second major package to tackle the opioid crisis that has swept the country and ravaged Massachusetts in recent years. The package includes a piece of proposed legislation called the CARE Act—Combating addiction, Accessing treatment, Reducing prescriptions, and Enhancing prevention—and several administrative actions.

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students practicing mindfulness

Socio-Emotional Learning Is Vital, And This Mindfulness App Can Help

These days, it seems like many grown-ups I know could use a crash course in socio-emotional learning too, but all joking aside, nurturing your child’s socio-emotional learning is everything and cannot be ignored. In fact, some experts believe that we need to pay more attention to our kids’ socio-emotional growth than things like academic greatness or other outward successes.… Read More

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teacher with projector

A Program to Gauge Mental Health in Middle Schools

Concerns over growing teen suicides nationwide and youth mental health issues have prompted officials at Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 to start talking about it in class and assess whether students are at risk. This month the district rolled out a suicide prevention and depression awareness program, known as Signs of Suicide or SOS, for seventh- and eighth-graders. It’s the latest effort to address students’ social and emotional needs.… Read More

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student group discussion

How to do SEL in K-12

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a real thing and if teachers in your school, district or state are not already explicitly teaching SEL skills, it is likely that they soon will be. Several states have adopted SEL standards for K-12 curriculum.… Read More

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students talking

Looking for SEL programs? New RAND report has answers

A new report from the RAND Corporation identifies 60 elementary, middle and high school-level SEL programs that can meet ESSA’s expectations for using an evidence-based intervention. The report also lists which positive outcomes the program or practice might produce, such as reducing aggression, improving motivation or addressing test anxiety.… Read More

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Second Step in the classroom

Seward Community Foundation Grant Highlight: Boys and Girls Club

“Second Step” is an evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program that gives children the tools they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Social-emotional skills are an imperative part of development as they help us manage our behavior and emotions and navigate social complexities. With these skills in place, children have the confidence and control needed to learn. The Club’s staff sought this grant through the Seward Community Foundation because they saw a need to develop kid’s social-emotional intelligence in an ever-more complex and stimulating world.… Read More

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student with cellphone

Changing World of Technology Stresses Kids

A rise in social, emotional and behavioral interventions in Easton schools has caught the attention of Board of Education members, and they’re discussing the factors contributing to student stress at the elementary and middle school level.… Read More