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Can dodgeball teach empathy?

Director of Research, Dr. Sherri Widen, on the value of dodgeball in K-12 P.E. settings. Are there opportunities for dodgeball to support social-emotional skills, or should it be eliminated for encouraging bullying? Experts weigh in.Read More

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Why SEL is Integral to Workforce Preparedness (Podcast)

Committee for Children’s Senior Policy & Advocacy Manager, Jordan Posamentier, recently sat down with WorkMinus to discuss why social-emotional skills are in high demand and how social-emotional learning (SEL) helps students prepare for work and life.Read More

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Socio-Emotional Learning Is Vital, And This Mindfulness App Can Help

These days, it seems like many grown-ups I know could use a crash course in socio-emotional learning too, but all joking aside, nurturing your child’s socio-emotional learning is everything and cannot be ignored. In fact, some experts believe that we need to pay more attention to our kids’ socio-emotional growth than things like academic greatness or other outward successes.Read More

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A Program to Gauge Mental Health in Middle Schools

Concerns over growing teen suicides nationwide and youth mental health issues have prompted officials at Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 to start talking about it in class and assess whether students are at risk. This month the district rolled out a suicide prevention and depression awareness program, known as Signs of Suicide or SOS, for seventh- and eighth-graders. It’s the latest effort to address students’ social and emotional needs.Read More

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How to do SEL in K-12

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a real thing and if teachers in your school, district or state are not already explicitly teaching SEL skills, it is likely that they soon will be. Several states have adopted SEL standards for K-12 curriculum.Read More

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Looking for SEL programs? New RAND report has answers

A new report from the RAND Corporation identifies 60 elementary, middle and high school-level SEL programs that can meet ESSA’s expectations for using an evidence-based intervention. The report also lists which positive outcomes the program or practice might produce, such as reducing aggression, improving motivation or addressing test anxiety.Read More

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