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Reasons to Parent Mindfully

Our heads are full, our days are short (or long if you have a new infant), and we have no idea if all the little things we do for our kids is actually sticking. Doing everything on the “I am a good mother if I…make sure they brush their teeth… oversee homework… make sure they get a good breakfast… read a book before bed”…the list goes on and on. Just fill in the blanks.… Read More

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Poway Unified’s Parenting Classes Begin Next Week

Poway Unified School District’s parent classes are resuming next week, with many offerings to help those with children of all ages. Some workshops have one session offerings while others have their material divided over several weeks and are tailored to parents of elementary, middle and high school students.… Read More

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How 3 Local Schools Are Using Mindfulness

Parents at Seattle’s Evergreen School couldn’t believe it. Their kids were, on their own, asking for “a mindful moment in my room” when things got tense at home. It was an unexpected benefit of the school’s new mindfulness program, says Pamela Atteberry, a licensed social worker and the coordinator of student services at The Evergreen School.… Read More

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Greenwich’s Western Middle School Students Practice Empathy

Left, right, step up. Eighth-graders carefully guided blindfolded classmates through “mine fields” of cardboard, rulers and other items on the classroom floor, learning to navigate complex environments. Upstairs, in another classroom, seventh-graders voted on their favorite quotes about the district’s focus on caring for themselves and others.… Read More

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Breathing Exercises Promote Mindfulness and Calmness at Seattle School

At TOPS K-8, there is a different kind of academics. Heads are down, eyes are closed — but not out of boredom. Every day, teacher Kristy Herrmann reminds her students to just breathe. “It’s part meditation, part mindfulness, taught through a cute character in the program, Mind Yeti.*” The activities focus on feelings and frustrations. The students are also encouraged to pour those emotions out.

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Demystifying the Adolescent Brain

At one time or another, every parent has wished they could read their child’s mind. Researchers at the Seattle-based Committee for Children aren’t mind-readers, but they can give you a better understanding of the adolescent brain. Dr. Brian Smith, a senior research scientist from the Committee for Children, shared some of the group’s research.… Read More

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