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New Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Helps Students Find Lifelong Success

St. Mary of Gostyn School is introducing a new program called “Second Step”, which helps students learn to express themselves appropriately, accept others’ differences, and detect social cues. “While we do a great job with academics and incorporating faith into our curriculum, we feel we need to cover the social and emotional needs of our students,” said Chris Kalal, Assistant Principal at SMG.… Read More


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How Waddell Elementary dramatically improved its academic performance

Last school year, 77 percent of Waddell’s 462 students logged in to Achieve3000 after school, on weekends or during holidays, totaling 3,491 log-ins. On one of the walls in the school, Waddell displays for each grade level each month the average reading level attained and the number of articles the students read and correctly answered at least 75 percent of the comprehension questions.… Read More

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Greenbrier Elementary Piloting Social-Emotional Learning Program

Joan Cole Duffell, executive director of Committee for Children, in August issued a statement in response to the Unite the Right rally. She said fostering the social-emotional development of children could help extinguish hatred, violence, and intolerance in future generations.

“It is of paramount importance to build children’s social-emotional competencies — so that they might grow up to be adults who start from a place of empathy and kindness, not fear and hate,” Duffell wrote.… Read More

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October is Bullying Prevention Month: Stop Bullying on the Spot

We use this bulletin board every other October because all our students know the story of Spookley the square pumpkin who was bullied by the round pumpkins. It helps reinforce the Second Step Bullying Unit lessons I teach and the literature based lessons led by our classroom teachers, administrators, and librarian. Read More

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Reasons to Parent Mindfully

Our heads are full, our days are short (or long if you have a new infant), and we have no idea if all the little things we do for our kids is actually sticking. Doing everything on the “I am a good mother if I…make sure they brush their teeth… oversee homework… make sure they get a good breakfast… read a book before bed”…the list goes on and on. Just fill in the blanks.… Read More

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Teaching Students How to Cope Socially, Emotionally

Eighth-grader Morgan Fritzler is working to improve her self-awareness.

“Sometimes, I have anxiety and perfectionist issues and I expect myself to get everything on the first try,” Fritzler, 12, said. “It makes me feel frustrated.”… Read More

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Watertown Schools Hope for Better Academics from Teaching Social-Emotional Skills

When a student enters a Watertown classroom, they bring with them much more than their ability to learn–they also bring the effects of their home environment and their varying emotional states. Schools across Massachusetts, including those in Watertown, are recognizing those factors formally in a statewide program.… Read More

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Poway Unified’s Parenting Classes Begin Next Week

Poway Unified School District’s parent classes are resuming next week, with many offerings to help those with children of all ages. Some workshops have one session offerings while others have their material divided over several weeks and are tailored to parents of elementary, middle and high school students.… Read More

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