Back-to-School Resources to Foster A Positive Classroom Environment

Hello Valued Partners,

As the pandemic continues and we approach another school year, circumstances remain uncertain for educators, children, and their families. Whether you’re starting the school year with in-person or hybrid learning, the situation will likely continue to shift and evolve. With all the changes, our collective passion and dedication to supporting children’s social, emotional, and academic needs keep us grounded.

At Committee for Children, we value all that you do to ensure children have the social-emotional foundation and skills they need to get through these challenging times. Social-emotional learning (SEL) will continue to be critical for children and for the adults in their lives. Teacher burnout is on the rise, which emphasizes a greater need to center educator well-being. We recently launched Second Step® SEL for Adults to support you in strengthening your social-emotional skills and well-being so you can focus on connecting with your students. We’ve also developed some back-to-school resources to help you in creating a positive environment for your students.

  • Second Step® Community Rebuilding Units can be used by any educator looking to foster a positive classroom community, particularly after school closures or extended breaks.
  • Second Step® Resilience Activities for Grades K–12 help support student well-being through class discussions on topics ranging from appreciating others to coping with stress by finding joy.
  • Implementation resources are available for site leaders coordinating or leading a Second Step program implementation, as well as for classroom educators working directly with students.

Thank you for your continued partnership in fostering the social and emotional development of children. Together, we will co-create safer, healthier communities where every child can thrive.

With gratitude,

Andrea Lovanhill | Chief Executive Officer

Committee for Children