This School Year, Care for Student and Educator Well-Being

teacher working with a child at their desk

As the new school year begins, children’s mental health is top of mind for many of us. The trauma and societal disruptions of the last few years have influenced the needs of students, families, and educators in a multitude of ways. The increasing push of political issues into the education space has added complexity and difficulty for those of us who seek to provide caring, supportive learning environments for each child. It’s also influenced how schools and families are working together to build trusting relationships and care for students’ well-being.

Despite the added complexity and stress we’re all experiencing, I, like so many families and educators I encounter in my work, continue to hold hope and a deep belief that the world we dream of—a more just and peaceful world—is attainable. It’s because of people like you, who share a passion for helping children flourish, that I know we can overcome challenges to create a better tomorrow.

I believe that better tomorrow starts with social-emotional learning (SEL). As advocates of SEL, we understand the value of building and strengthening the essential life skills that contribute to children’s success academically and in adulthood. And when teachers have access to social-emotional professional learning, they’re empowered to create the safe, inclusive, and positive environments children need to learn effectively.

As you welcome students back to school, I want to share these free SEL resources to support you in caring for the well-being of children and educators.

Students Educators Families
Activities, materials, and resources for early learning, elementary, and middle school Materials and resources for teachers and school leaders Activities and resources for families

Thank you for everything you do to support children and their families. At Committee for Children, we truly value your partnership in ensuring every child has access to social-emotional learning. Together, we can make sure our kids are more than just okay.

With gratitude,

Andrea Lovanhill
Committee for Children